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Welcome to Corporate Cleaning Services SL

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable company to service all of your office cleaning needs, you have come to the right place!

Corporate Cleaning Services SL is a medium sized, privately owned company with wide experience in all aspects of cleaning and related management services.

We are experts in our field and can accommodate any need and budget. We offer high-quality service at a very competitive price.

The Corporate Cleaning Difference

Why is Corporate Cleaning your first and only choice for all office cleaning and maintenance needs?

Experience, Training, Quality Control and Flawless Start-Up.



We thoroughly train all cleaning personnel that service our cleaning contracts.

While we are not the only professional cleaning company to do so, we are headed by executives who are thoroughly trained and experienced in hiring and training qualified personnel.

We have discovered that our emphasis on hiring qualified people, and then correctly training them, eradicates virtually all potential problems and difficulties.

Or to put it in other terms, our emphasis on thorough training of our personnel results in very satisfied clients!


Flawless Start-Up

We have contract start-up down to an exact science. Our clients are frequently shocked by how smoothly we take over the servicing of their premises and the quality of the cleaning and maintenance.

We first concentrate on getting premises up to our standards, which is generally far higher than ever expected.


Quality Control

We also run very stringent quality control with sites being inspected by senior company executives to ensure the highest level of quality.

Contact Us First

Before you lock yourself into a long-term contract, contact us to find out what we have to offer and take full advantage of our quality, training and experience.

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